• Model type: Statuettes
  • Location: Bulgaria

STATUETTE of the goddess Cybele

The goddess sits enthroned, dressed in a long chiton. A himation covers her head behind, the shoulders and the legs. It is gathered on the left side of the lap. The hair is combed, parted in the middle and it is let down on the shoulders. She wears a calatos on her head. The arms from the elbow down are broken.  On the lap – a lion laying on the right with a head facing forward.


Artwork Details:

Title: Statuette of Seated Cybele

Artist/Maker: Unknown

Date: IV – III century B.C.

Dimensions: Height: 0.18 m

Material: Marble

On view: Ancient Nessebar Archaeological Museum, Nessebar, Bulgaria

Accession Number: 510

Location of discovery: The School (basement 1) Archaeological excavation site, Ancient City of Nessebar, Bulgaria

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