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Dobrogea otomană în documente (1420-1878) - Ottoman Dobrudja in Documents (1420-1878)

  • Resource Name Dobrogea otomană în documente (1420-1878) - Ottoman Dobrudja in Documents (1420-1878)
  • Author Claudiu Victor Turcitu, Constantin Aurel Mototolea
  • ISBN 978-3-948-670-97-9
  • Material type Text
  • Subject archeology, numismatic and history; Greece, Bulgaria, Romania (Europe and Asia)
  • Publisher Editura Dark Publishing, București
  • Year 2023
  • Format 27.9 cm, 169 p., 80 ill.
  • Format color printing
  • Language Romanian, English

The authors discuss multiple aspects from the day-to-day life of Ottoman Dobrudja with the help of the documents kept in the Central National Historical Archive collections.
It is aimed at mostly the researchers, students and much less to the general public.

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