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Pontika 2008 : recent research on the Northern and Eastern Black Sea in ancient times

Author: Contributor(s): Pontika. International conference (2 ; 2008 ; Cracovie, Pologne) [Auteur du texte]

Publisher: Archaeopress (Oxford) 2011

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Exploring the hospitable sea : proceedings of the International workshop on the Black Sea

Author: Contributor(s): Manoledakis, Manolis, (1975-....) [Éditeur scientifique] | International workshop on the Black Sea in Antiquity

Publisher: Archaeopress (Oxford) 2013

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The archaeology of the Caucasus : from earliest settlements to the Iron Age

Author: Sagona, Antonio [Auteur du texte]

Publisher: Cambridge University Press (New York (N.Y.)) 2018

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Heracleia Pontica and Tauric Chersonesus before Roman domination : XV-I centuries B.C.

Author: Saprykin, Sergej Ûreviĉ [Auteur du texte]

Publisher: A. M. Hakkert (Amsterdam) 1997

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Ancient shipwrecks of the Mediterranean and the Roman provinces

Author: Parker, A. J [Auteur du texte]

Publisher: Tempus reparatum (Oxford) 1992

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L'enfant et la mort dans l'Antiquité. I

Author: Contributor(s): Guimier-Sorbets, Anne-Marie, (1948-....) [Directeur de publication] | Morizot, Yvette | Morizot, Yvette [Directe

Publisher: de Boccard (Paris) 2010

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A nation of empire : the Ottoman legacy of Turkish modernity

Author: Meeker, Michael E, (1935-....) [Auteur du texte]

Publisher: University of California Press (Berkeley) 2002

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Function and style in Pontic dance music David Bruce Kilpatrick

Author: Kilpatrick, David Bruce, (1939-....) [Auteur du texte]

Publisher: Epitropē pontiakōn meletōn (Athēnai) 1980

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Die Sîntana de Mureş-Černjachov-Kultur

Author: Contributor(s): Gomolka-Fuchs, Gudrun [Éditeur scientifique] | Deutsches archäologisches Institut. Eurasien-Abteilung [Auteur du

Publisher: R. Habelt (Bonn) 1999

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Management of marine protected areas : a network perspective

Author: Goriup, Paul D

Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell (Chichester, GB) 2017

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Marine Ecological Geography : Theory and Experience

Author: Fashchuk, Dmitry Ya [Auteur du texte]

Publisher: Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg (Berlin, Heidelberg) 2011

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Black Sea in antiquity : regional and interregional economic exchanges

Author: Contributor(s): Gabrielsen, Vincent [Éditeur scientifique] | Lund, John, (1951-.... ; archéologue) | Lund, John, (1951-.... ; ar

Publisher: Aarhus University Press (Aarhus) 2007

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