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Greek and cypriote antiquities in the Archaeological museum of Odessa

Author: Contributor(s): Karageorghis, Vassos, (1929-....) [Éditeur scientifique] | Karagiṓrgīs, Vásos, (1929-....) | Καραγιώργης, Βάσος,

Publisher: Foundation Anastasios G. Leventis (Nicosia) 2001

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New studies on the Black Sea littoral

Author: Tsetskhladze, Gocha R, (1963-....)

Publisher: Oxbow books (Oxford) 1996

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Interconnectivity in the mediterranean and pontic world during the hellenistic and roman periods editors

Author: Contributor(s): Cojocaru, Victor, (1969-....) [Éditeur scientifique] | Coşkun, Altay, (1970-....) | Coşkun, Altay, (1970-....) [

Publisher: Mega (Cluj-Napoca) 2014

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Byzantium and the Bosporus

Author: Russell, Thomas James, (1988-....) [Auteur du texte]

Publisher: Oxford University Press (Oxford) 2017

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La mer Noire, zone de contacts

Author: Contributor(s): Fraysse, Arlette | Fraysse, Arlette [Éditeur scientifique] | Geny, Évelyne | Geny, Évelyne [Éditeur scientifique

Publisher: Presses universitaires franc-comtoises (Besançon) 1999

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Essays on the archaeology and ancient history of the Black Sea littoral

Author: Contributor(s): Manoledakis, Manolis, (1975-....) [Éditeur scientifique] | Tsetskhladze, Gocha R, (1963-....) | Tsetskhladze, Go

Publisher: Peeters (Leuven) 2018

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The Black Sea : past, present and future

Author: Contributor(s): Erkut, Gülden [Éditeur scientifique] | Mitchell, Stephen, (1948-....) | Mitchell, Stephen, (1948-....) [Éditeur

Publisher: British institute at Ankara (London) 2007

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The Danubian Lands Between the Black, Aegean and Adriatic Seas

Author: Contributor(s): Avram, Alexandru, (1956-....) | Avram, Alexandru, (1956-....) [Éditeur scientifique] | Hargrave, James, (19..-..

Publisher: Archaeopress Publishing Ltd (Oxford) 2015

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Meetings of cultures in the Black Sea region : between conflict and coexistence

Author: Contributor(s): Bilde, Pia Guldager [Éditeur scientifique] | Hjarl Petersen, Jane | Hjarl Petersen, Jane [Éditeur scientifique]

Publisher: Aarhus University press (Aarhus) 2008

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Proceedings of the first international conference on the archaeology and history of the Black Sea

Author: Contributor(s): Fossey, John Michael, (1943-....) [Éditeur scientifique] | Smith, Philip J | Smith, Philip J [Éditeur scientifiq

Publisher: J. C. Gieben (Amsterdam) 1997

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Northern Pontic antiquities in the state Hermitage museum

Author: Contributor(s): Boardman, John, (1927-....) [Éditeur scientifique] | Solovʹev, Sergej L | Solovʹev, Sergej L [Éditeur scientifiq

Publisher: Brill (Leiden) 2001

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Georgia in antiquity : a history of Colchis and Transcaucasian Iberia, 550 B.C.-A.D. 562

Author: Braund, David, (1957-....) [Auteur du texte]

Publisher: Clarendon Press (Oxford) 1994

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