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Medieval Nomads in Eastern Europe. Collected Studies

Author: István Zimonyi, CONTRIBUTOR:Editor by Victor Spinei

Year: 2014

Publisher: Editura Academiei Române – Editura Istros, București-Brăila

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Dobrudja. Archaeological and historical coordinates

Author: [Editors]: Aurel Daniel Stănică, Gabriel Custurea, Daniela Stănică, Emanuel Plopeanu, CONTRIBUTOR:Translator - Adnana Mihaela Pă

Year: 2016

Publisher: Editura StudIS, Iași

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The Mongols and the Black Sea in the 13th and 14th centuries.

Author: Ciocîltan Virgil

Year: 1998

Publisher: Editura Enciclopedică, București

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The Turkish cultural legacy in Dobrudja

Author: EDITORS: Tasin Gemil, Gabriel Custurea, Delia Roxana Cornea

Year: 2013

Publisher: Editura Top Form, București

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Cumans and Tatars: Oriental Military in the Pre-Ottoman Balkans, 1185–1365

Author: Istvan Vásáry

Year: 2005

Publisher: Cambridge University Press, New York

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Romanian history studies. Economy and society (13th - 18th centuries)

Author: Șerban Papacostea

Year: 2009

Publisher: Editura Istros, Brăila

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From the history of the Dobrudjan Turks

Author: Mehmet Ali Ekrem CONTRIBUTOR: Foreword by Demény Lajos

Year: 1994

Publisher: Editura Kriterion, București

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Plans and prospects of Hârșova fortress in foreign archives

Author: Aurel-Daniel Stănică, Constantin Nicolae, Mihai Anatolii Ciobanu [Translator]: Adnana Mihaela Pătrășcoiu

Year: 2021

Publisher: Editura Mega, Cluj-Napoca

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Rural life in Roman Dobrudja (1st - 3rd century AD)

Author: Maria Bărbulescu

Year: 2001

Publisher: Ex Ponto (Constanța)

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Sculptural art in Roman Dobrudja, 1st-3rd centuries

Author: Zaharia Covacef

Year: 2002

Publisher: Editura Nereamia Napocae, Cluj-Napoca

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The Circulation of the Byzantine Coin in Dobrudja (9th – 11th centuries)

Author: Gabriel Gheorghe Custurea

Year: 2000

Publisher: Ex Ponto, Constanța

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Circulation of Byzantine currency in Dobrudja (6th – 8th c. AD)

Author: Gabriel Gheorghe Custurea

Year: 2019

Publisher: Ex Ponto, Constanța

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