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The Mongols and the Black Sea trade in the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries

Author: Ciocîltan, Virgil [Auteur du texte]

Publisher: Brill (Leiden) 2012

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Mobility in Research on the Black Sea Region

Author: Contributor(s): Castelli, Thibault | Castelli, Thibault. Collaborateur | Cojocaru, Victor, (1969-....) [Éditeur scientifique] |

Publisher: Mega Publishing House (Cluj-Napoca) 2016

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Empire of the Black Sea : the rise and fall of the Mithridatic world

Author: Roller, Duane W, (1946-....) [Auteur du texte]

Publisher: Oxford University Press (New York) 2020

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Mutinous memories : a subjective history of French military protest in 1919

Author: Perry, Matt, (1967-....) [Auteur du texte]

Publisher: Manchester University Press (Manchester (GB)) 2019

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The Balkans and Caucasus : parallel processes on the opposite sides of the Black Sea

Author: Contributor(s): Bilârski, Ivan Билярски, Иван, (1959-....) | Biliarski, Ivan, (1959-....) [Éditeur scientifique] | Cristea, Ovid

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing (Newcastle upon Tyne) 2012

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Autour de la mer Noire : hommage à Otar Lordkipanidzé

Author: Contributor(s): Faudot, Murielle, (1970-....) | Faudot, Murielle, (1970-....) [Éditeur scientifique] | Geny, Évelyne | Geny, Éve

Publisher: Presses universitaires franc-comtoises (Besançon) diff. les Belles lettres (Paris) 2002

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From Pax Mongolica to Pax Ottomanica : war, religion and trade in the northwestern Black Sea region (14th-16th centuries)

Author: Contributor(s): Cristea, Ovidiu [Éditeur scientifique] | Pilat, Liviu | Pilat, Liviu [Éditeur scientifique]

Publisher: Brill (Leiden) 2020

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The colonies of Genoa in the Black Sea region : evolution and transformation

Author: Hvalʹkov, Evgenij Aleksandrovič [Auteur du texte]

Publisher: Routledge (New York, N.Y.) 2018

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The Black Sea flood question : changes in coastline, climate and human settlement

Author: Contributor(s): Yanko-Hombach, Valentina [Fonction indéterminée]

Publisher: Springer (Dordrecht) 2007

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Studies on early Hungarian and Pontic history C. A. Macartney

Author: Contributor(s): Czigány, Loránt, (1935-2008) | Czigány, Loránt, (1935-2008) [Éditeur scientifique] | Macartney, Carlile Aylmer,

Publisher: Ashgate (Aldershot) 1999

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America's Black Sea fleet : the U. S. Navy amidst war and revolution, 1919-1923

Author: Shenk, Robert, (1943-....) [Auteur du texte]

Publisher: Naval Institute Press (Annapolis, Md.) 2012

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Boule and demos in Miletus and its Pontic colonies Krzysztof Nawotka

Author: Nawotka, Krzysztof, (1960-....) [Auteur du texte]

Publisher: Harrassowitz (Wiesbaden) 2014

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