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Les duchés byzantins de Paristrion (Paradounavon) et de Bulgarie

Author: Nicolae Bănescu

Year: 1946

Publisher: Institut Roumain d’Études Byzantinés, Bucarest

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The Asanids. The Political and Military History of the Second Bulgarian Empire (1185-1280)

Author: Alexandru Madgearu

Year: 2017

Publisher: Brill, Leiden – Boston

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Constanța. The memory of the city

Author: Aurelia Lăpușan, Ștefan Lăpușan

Year: 1997

Publisher: Editura Muntenia, Constanța

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Romanian seaside. Stamps at the Pontus Euxinus

Author: Mihail Șerbănescu

Year: 1998

Publisher: Editura Romart Desing, Constanța

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Constanța. Peisaje pontice / Constanța. Pontic landscapes

Author: Mihail Șerbănescu, TRANSLATOR: Corina Apostoleanu

Year: 1996

Publisher: Editura Romart Desing, Constanța

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Description of Moldova

Author: Dimitrie Cantemir, EDITORS: Anatol Vidrașcu, Dan Vidrașcu, CONTRIBUTOR: Emil Childescu [Cover and illustrations]

Year: 2001

Publisher: Litera Internațional, București-Chișinău

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History of the Ottoman Empire

Author: EDITOR: Robert Mantran

Year: 2001

Publisher: Editura ALL, București

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Venetian studies. Vol. 1. Venice, Byzantium and the Romanian space

Author: Șerban Marin

Year: 2008

Publisher: Editura Academiei Române, București

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Romanian-Bulgarian population exchange. Implications for the evacuated Romanians. Documents (1940-1948)

Author: Virgil Coman, Nicoleta Grigore

Year: 2010

Publisher: Ex Ponto, Constanța

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Oriental Romanism in the Middle Ages. From Roman citizens to the medieval nation

Author: Stelian Brezeanu

Year: 1999

Publisher: All Educational, București

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The Ottoman Empire. 1700 - 1922

Author: Donald Quataert

Year: 2005

Publisher: Cambridge University Press, Cambridge

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Encyclopedia of the Ottoman empire

Author: Gábor Ágoston, Bruce Masters

Year: 2009

Publisher: Infobase publishing, New York.

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